I’m not an artist. But I know artists transcend languages. I am not an artist, but my understanding of artists improve every time I see them. I disturb many people, but I’m still not an artist! They disturb with their art, so they truly are!

What I witnessed in the past 3 hours was revolt on a live-wire! As a promotional program before release of the film Court, I attended a music performance by the people who did the music and songs of the film. Referred to as Lokshahir or the people’s poet, Sambhaji Bhagat and his troop, over the length of the show took the graph from shallow (but energetic) Jay Bhim shouts to the disgrace-yourself-dead-people silence! From culture politics to communal harmony. Having failed to blend-in for about 30 minutes, the show took me through myriad of emotions – Introspection to Euphoria, Pride and Disgrace. My thoughts traveled through the various levels of Maslow’s hierarchy placing myself, the performing artists, organizers and Microsoft at various levels and taking a worms eye view of the setup. Continue reading