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The C-Day

So I take a half day from office to watch two films I was eagerly waiting for. I meet a friend and an intern from office and we head towards Matterden CFC (The Deepak). So this post isn’t about the films I saw, its rather about the evening and the place where I spent time between the two films. The films were Margarita with a straw and Court (of course) – both the films weren’t typically the films that theaters await, but they did and which is why I could go watch them and choose to write about the experience.

So, don’t ask me how the films were, please go watch it for yourself. I can assure you they will not disappoint. Continue reading

Court & its Music with Lokshahir Sambhaji Bhagat

I’m not an artist. But I know artists transcend languages. I am not an artist, but my understanding of artists improve every time I see them. I disturb many people, but I’m still not an artist! They disturb with their art, so they truly are!

What I witnessed in the past 3 hours was revolt on a live-wire! As a promotional program before release of the film Court, I attended a music performance by the people who did the music and songs of the film. Referred to as Lokshahir or the people’s poet, Sambhaji Bhagat and his troop, over the length of the show took the graph from shallow (but energetic) Jay Bhim shouts to the disgrace-yourself-dead-people silence! From culture politics to communal harmony. Having failed to blend-in for about 30 minutes, the show took me through myriad of emotions – Introspection to Euphoria, Pride and Disgrace. My thoughts traveled through the various levels of Maslow’s hierarchy placing myself, the performing artists, organizers and Microsoft at various levels and taking a worms eye view of the setup. Continue reading

9 lessons from a Himalayan Snow Trek

1. Human body can survive harsh weather if the mind is ready to!

There’s a reason why this is the first point I want to talk about. I took this trek (YHAI Dalhousie December snow trek) with my sister and her husband Hardik to introduce them to the beautiful aspects of Himalayas, that lay beyond the beaten tracks literally. But they quit midway!

There were about 50 people in the group and everyone faced the same weather yet some decided to quit the trek on the second day after the first day of intense cold and difficult walk (the trek in the mountains had not begin yet – this was Banikhet to Dalhousie). While those who stayed were equally skeptical of how the days ahead were going to be. Continue reading

Ladakh Blues: Part 2 – Be gentle on my curves.

In the previous post three of us reached Manali and were to leave for Leh the next morning. It gives me great pleasure to write about our Ladakh experience till we reached Leh. 2 days on the road; new people we meet and endure the most treacherous routes in the world.

Trip Decision #1:

Reaching Leh is possible by road via Manali or via Srinagar. We never had the budget to fly nor did we want to miss the road experience! (majorly inspired by Gaurav Jani of 60kmph). It was time for our loose plans to take shape; and decisions were to be taken. Manali was not a new place, but we didn’t wish to spend time in Manali which was just a transit point for us. It only made sense to quickly get moving towards Leh. Of course we were yet to figure what options were available and what made sense for us. Major trip decision #1 – We bought tickets on a HPTC bus on its virgin run for the season. The deal seemed worth (after much deliberation) for it offered an overnight halt and meals – making the trip relatively comfortable. Now all we had to do was wait for the next morning. After a comfortable night at the Dharamshala, in the morning we reached the bus stop in time.

Continue reading

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