Let me confess something at the outset of this blog that I am no avid trekker . For most time of the year I am stuck up in some or the other  thing related to college and studies and end up not joining the Razalpat gang for most of their weekend treks. But that’s not the case evrytime. I still manage to get along for a few treks. Vishramgad  was one such destination.


Vishramgad is one of those unexplored forts of Maharshtra and hence you don’t find a lot of crowd even on Sundays unlike places like Karnala & Lonavala . Also the lack of public transport to reach the fort maybe one of the reason. Also you don’t find many trekking organizations taking you there. Exceptions are obvious. Vishramgad is situated in the range of Shayadri starting from Igatpuri (also called as the Kalsubai range). Towards the western side of the range are forts like Alang,Madan and the Kalsubai Peak(the highest peak of Maharashtra). Vishramgad is on the eastern side of this range. The top of this fort is actually a vast plateau from where one can get a view of the whole region. Originally named  as the Patta Fort by the Mughals, it was later named as Vishramgad by Shivaji Maharaj.

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