Razalpat (Rajhaḷapāṭa) (રઝળપાટ) (Gujarati) : Restless wandering, wandering aimlessly

We are a bunch of people who love trekking, travelling & camping to unexplored places, where we are not at the risk of bumping into normal “tourists”. With this blog we intend to share our experiences with anyone who cares to read. But mostly with our friends and family whom we can’t easily convince why we don’t want to spend weekends at home. Also these posts will come handy when we will catch Alzheimer’s in a few years.

The name “razalpat” was originally conceived for Tumul’s personal tumblr blog which was supposed to be in Gujarati. It’s motto was –

રઝળપાટ – વનપ્રદેશ અને મનપ્રદેશમાં …

રઝળપાટ બ્લોગ માં હું મારા પ્રવાસ વિષે લખવા ઇચ્છુ છું – જે મોટે ભાગે પ્રકૃતિ ના ખોળા માં, ક્યારેક નગર ની છાતી પર અને ક્યારેક મનુષ્યના મસ્તિષ્કમાં લટાર હશે.”

Our motto is pretty much similar to that but there will be multiple contributors to the blog. You can be one as well. Get in touch if interested.